Monday, August 16, 2010

Night On The Town Before Lockdown...

Hello people :)

So, I just want to briefly tell you about my weekend. Friday and Saturday were my official "final outings" until my MCAT exam. I know you must have Googled it already, but for those that don't know, the MCAT is the medical college admission test which is given in the U.S. and Canada and required for admission to medical school. It's a big, life-changing exam and I am really nervous about it, BUT.... I decided to forget about it for a couple hours and enjoy 2 nights out with friends.

The first night was a dinner with friends. I had on this beautiful black, printed sheath dress with a black ribbon cuff and my favorite pearls. I also accomplished a great smokey-eye look with my eyeshadow. For a while, I had been confused as to how to translate my daytime make-up to a nighttime look and finally realized that it was through the drama of eye make-up. Anyway... I looked H-O-T!! I was, per usual, fashionably late to the dinner and when greeting my friends, I didn't even notice exactly who was all there until I sat down. Sitting diagonally to me at the table was a fine, fine piece of man candy; he is a BEAUTIFUL man!! Think Tyson Beckford body, Morris Chestnut skin and voice, with just an awesome face... Mmm... too bad he wasn't on the menu!! Anyway, I could feel him staring at me throughout the night and I was definitely pleased with myself as because I know I looked GREAT. He and I had gone out on a date with the year prior and I knew what he was thinking: Damn, I should have asked her out on a second date!

Sorry, boo. You had your chance :)

At the end of the dinner, he said he had "parked far" and asked for a ride to his car; I obliged. He started talking about "how busy" he had been, basically trying to explain away the last 12 months he spent not calling me. I just "Uh-huh"ed everything he said and reassured him I had been equally as busy. I love it when you see someone after a long time and you can feel the regret they have about not keeping in touch with you. Even though he is handsomely delicious, I would never give him the honor of another date with me—I don't care how chocolaty he is!!

I drove home, smiling to myself, happy to have the last laugh.

The next night was another party for a friend. This was going to be a bigger event at a banquet hall. I knew a lot of people from the Nigerian community would be there, so I wanted to show up and show out!! I wore this emerald colored dress with jewels bordering the neckline and bodice with my requisite pearls and an adorable brocade clutch. I had actually did a test run of my make-up in between studying earlier in the day, so I knew exactly what to do with my eyes. I had a special incentive to go to this party because I wanted to see a friend whom I hadn't spoken to in some time. He and I kind of have a thing for each other, but we've never been really serious (or public) about it. It's funny because the first time he ever mentioned interest in me was once when I was crying to him about the feelings I still had for my female ex- Y, he said he "thought I was over women and would finely give him a chance". I was very surprised, but not much (aside from a few make out sessions) ever came from it. After that, he started seeing someone and that was that...

Anyway, I was looking to try and re-ignite some of the feelings from before since I heard he was no longer dating. He was the host and he was running around the entire night. Every time I tried to catch him, we could only speak for a moment. I never got a chance to pull him aside and really chat him up. I stayed until the very end of the party and in a last ditch attempt to get his attention, I asked him to walk me to my car. At that exact moment, a good friend of both of ours (I guess noticing how tired he was along with being oblivious to my intentions) offered me a ride to my car instead. At that point, if I continued to insist he walk me to my car, it might arouse suspicion, so I accepted the ride and kissed my chance at some action goodbye... until next time...

The night wasn't a total loss; I had a great time, caught up with friends... as well as some non-friends and tons of people saw me looking FAB and would undoubtedly go tell others... LOL. I felt good.

Now it's back to studying as usual. I cannot wait to take this exam. I'm thinking of planning a celebratory trip somewhere... I don't know where yet, but I will keep you posted!!

We still have more to catch up on, so stay tuned!!

♥ TisbA

Thursday, August 12, 2010

SoOoOo... It's been awhile....

OMG, guys!!! I am SO sorry to have left you all. I have been oh-so-busy studying ferociously for my MCAT. My test prep course just wrapped up and I am counting down the weeks until the end of MCAT Season.

I have SO many stories and updates for you all!!! I don't have time to get into all of it right now, but upcoming posts will fill you all in on all the stuff that's happened to me in the past 2-½ months... lots of changes, good and not so good, but right now I am feeling pretty great :)

One thing I will share with you is that since my last post, I have lost 5.8kg!!! That's almost 13 POUNDS!!! Ugh, I am beyond thrilled.

But I do miss you all; I miss blogging and sharing my feelings, I just need to tackle this MCAT and then we shall be together again!!! Until then...

TisbA ♥

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


OMG... I just binged on Chinese food.... damn drug reps. Pharmaceutical company representatives bring calorie-laden lunches and dinners to my parents' office and they bring it home where I pounce on it like a gluttonous beast...

I soOoOo should have taken some Adderall® today; I got off of it after my orgo final. Time to get back on that regimen. This cannot continue.

Now if you'll pardon me... I have a date with a porcelain goddess...

Slackin' a bit...

Hey y'all!! It's been a minute. I thought I could continue with my every Thursday blog posts, but that was an obvious fail last week!

Anyhoo... I have a couple entries for you all coming up, so stay tuned!! I promise they'll be interesting ;)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

I need a Bahamavention... other words: a vacation.

I went to Europe with my family last summer and I have to say that I truly enjoyed myself (especially since it was on my parents' dime!), but that was almost a year ago and I really want to do something again.

My semester is finally over (woo-hoo!) but my MCAT class starts in a few weeks (boo!). I was talking with my friend about to going to Atlantic City for a weekend to gamble and hit up clubs--I'd much rather go some place warm though! I want to sit on a beach, with a drink in my hand, and a masseuse at my back... I just want to RELAX.

I don't know why it's so hard for me to plan trips on my own; the only trip I've ever been on with friends was to Atlanta last year for Greek Picnic (I'm in an NPHC sorority) and that was a BLAST!!! It was only 2½ days, but I had SO much fun!! Greek Picnic is every June, but it's out of the question this year since I'll be taking that MCAT course (boo! (again))

I need to do something this summer or I will go crazy. SOMETHING.

Any suggestions?? I'd like to stay on the Atlantic coast, but I have a passport, so I can go out of the country. Let me know!!


Thursday, May 13, 2010

Slice of Happy... ♥

Howdy y'all....

It's been awhile; I've been dealing with a lot of stuff and haven't had time to blog, but now I'm back.

So much drama has been going on: grief, work, school...(I took my orgo final today, though I'd rather forget that ever happened).

Amid all this, I finally had a moment of joy—my slice of happy. That happiness was found in the the bottom of a .99¢ bag of CVS® brand gummi bears.

Yep. Gelatin candies made my day, today. I was up all last night and the night before—with a 2-hour nap in between—studying for my exam. I didn't want food-food, but just something to snack on while I drew my Friedel-Crafts mechanisms and Clemmensen reduction reactions. Gummi bears were the perfect solution! Over the course of 18 hours, that was all I ate—just the one 4-oz. bag!! Four-hundred-twenty calories total; I didn't binge! For once...

Anyhoo, in addition to being a fat-free food, gummi bears also provide 3 grams of protein per serving! Yeah, that exclamation mark didn't make that sound any more exciting, but I'm just trying to look at the bright side of eating nothing but candy for a whole day... I wasn't really hungry because of the Adderall® I had taken earlier, so the gummi bears were just enough to keep me happy.

I know I'm going on and on about some silly candy, but I'm just feeling really good right now. I prayed the Rosary before I studied and I prayed before my exam, like I always do; so I'm not stressed right now... just TIRED! #OMG. I had to will my body to come to work after school; I even took a nap in my car... sOoOo exhausted.

Welp, I'm going to be leaving in an hour and I'm going to hit up the mall to get my nails done, then get a massage—I DESERVE IT!! I think I'll take a nap before "Real Housewives: New York" tonight at 10pm, then go back to sleep! So happy to just RELAX.

I'll be back later to update you on some recent events concerning Y and my ex-boyfriend—I know the 7 of you are on the EDGE of your seats in anticipation!!!

Toodle-loo folks! :)


Thursday, April 29, 2010

Bad news about a friend...

On Tuesday, I learned that a family friend passed away.

He was studying medicine in a European country when he was involved in an accident. He had sustained severe head injuries and had swelling in his brain. The doctors pronounced him brain dead, but his family and many, many people in the U.S., Nigeria and throughout the world prayed for his recovery. Days went by and I was so hopeful he would pull through, but unfortunately, he did not.

He was only 27.

There are still many questions surrounding his passing. The scene of the accident was not investigated properly; repairs had been made within hours of the incident and we're unaware if anyone looked into whether or not anything was faulty or tampered with. He was not immediately taken to a trauma hospital by the ambulance and precious hours were lost before he was finally transferred to a better equipped facility. The laws in that nation state that once declared brain dead, a person must be removed from life support within 6 hours; it took much pleading by his family to the doctors to hold off until his siblings made the cross-Atlantic flight to at least be by his side. Even then, they were not permitted to stay with him after 9:00PM. When he passed, his family wasn't told until much later, after he'd already been moved to the morgue.

My heart breaks for them...

I live in the U.S. and as much as I love Nigeria, this tragedy has reaffirmed my belief that America is the best country in the world, honestly. Here, you must have family permission before life support is discontinued. You can stay with a loved one overnight, around the clock to ensure their comfort and, most of all, proper care. Lastly, family is always and immediately notified should a patient ever go into cardiac arrest.

To all of you who travel or school abroad, know your rights. Know your rights as a citizen in another country. Contact your embassy or consulate and be informed on how the law works in a foreign land. God forbid anything like this ever happen to anyone you know; it is too tragic...

My friend would have made fabulous doctor. He was very smart, very funny, very playful and most of all, very kind. He will be very missed...

Be well

"Good people pass away; the godly often die before their time. But no one seems to care or wonder why. No one seems to understand that God is protecting them from the evil to come. For those who follow godly paths will rest in peace..."
—Isaiah 57:1-2