Monday, February 15, 2010

I really need to get a life...


I really had to laugh when I saw this. Very funny... kinda wish it were real though!! LOL...

I was hoping my ex- would have a crappy Valentine's Day, but so far, she's not posted a lot on Facebook, hence she must be busy enjoying her time with N.

*le sigh*

Anyhoo... I binged today. Went to IHOP and had pancakes. I was totally going to go throw it up, but I went with my cousin who was talking my ear off and wouldn't let us leave the restaurant so I could get home and puke in private (public bathrooms scare me...) so I let the food sit to the point of no return... All I have to say is that I'm looking forward to Lent; gluttony is definitely one of my major sins that I need rid myself of.

I'm not looking forward to weighing in tomorrow... I'm not going to freak out... I'm not going to freak out... One day at a time, right??

Thank again for your support. I'm going to try and be there for you, too... ♥


  1. One day I want to have pancakes again, but they scare me senseless. It sounds though like you are really doing okay. I have been really bad and weighing lately and I can't seem to stop it. I really want to weigh myself tomorrow, because I feel so incredibly enormous at the moment. I always wanted to ask, how do you do the little hearts?

  2. that picture really made me laugh, i get a sinking feeling when the page loads everytime x

  3. Pancakes are syrup-laden mini-Devils!!!! Ok, so pancakes aren't exactly evil, but they are a great temptation... STAY AWAY from them as long as you can!!

    Oh and to make the hearts, just type "&" and "hearts" and ";" all together, no spaces. It'll change once you post. Before I learned that, I used to just copy and paste!!! LOL...

    Flo, have you tried giving up Facebook for Lent??? LOL... just kidding. :)