Sunday, March 28, 2010


Hello stalkers!!!!

OMG, so I'm soOoOo glad to be back to blogging!!! So, in regards to my farewell post, I might have overreacted. I checked my web history a few days later, and it turns out that my sisters never saw my blog!!! I was BEYOND relieved!!! I thought about changing my URL, but I simply ♥ my witty website name. I mean, "THERishouldbeAPY"?? "I should be in THERAPY"?? That's f*cking AWESOME!!!

So, I'm back, and just in time because my world has been unraveling.........

So many things to share; I actually started making a list of thing I needed to blog about in a note on my BlackBerry™... yep, I sure did!!!

I'm going to start off with something that just happened to me like an hour ago.....

While stalking my ex-boyfriend on Facebook, I saw tagged pictures of him put up by some girl I'd seen on his page every now and then but never thought much of her because frankly... she looks like a potato with hair: frumpy, freckled, and just boring-looking. But today, there were pictures of the two of them standing side by side in what looked like a tropical vacation place. As I investigated further, I realized that the pictures were taken at Epcot (yep, bootleg Disney) but what made me go "hmmm" is the one picture I saw of her kissing him on the cheek, moreover, the picture of him kissing her on the cheek. Further more, the fact that they were at Epcot; this is outside of the state where we live and me and him NEVER went anywhere together that wasn't more than a 3 hour drive away. I found myself surprisingly pissed off---for a little bit. I'm fine now because I know the girl is ugly and if they are dating, then she must not mean much to him because he hasn't changed the status on his Facebook profile for her (yes, I am basing the level of seriousness of their relationship on an online networking site's profile features)

Anyhoo.... I did freak out for the first 5 minutes, I even shed a tear (just one!) I know he's still a loser/cheater and will most likely break her heart, too. To be very honest, I was very surprised that I even felt anything about the matter... not that I'm still in love with him after 2 years, but I was a bit perturbed that he had taken a trip that obviously cost some sort of money with this heif-- I mean girl. He never spent money on me when we were together for over 5 years; now he's taking trips with some chick who he's been with for a few months? iGuess...

His mother still loves me and I talk to her every now and then (on Facebook, nonetheless) and I know there is no way she'd allow him to marry such a girl.

But again, I'm prettier and that's that!

Coming soon:
-My weight :(
-Gay marriage
-Chaz Bono
-VOGUE magazine
-My daily and incessant gripes...

Stay tuned...


  1. Well, we don't know who's money made that trip possible, do we? Beyond freckled and frumpy, what do we know about her bank balance? Okay, let me not rub it in..

    Great to see you're up and running again and I'm lookin forward to more..