Sunday, February 7, 2010

I am a princess and this is my snow castle...

That's what I was singing to myself all day yesterday and part of today. We lost power yesterday and it has yet to be restored... We got about 30" of snow in my area. Our driveway didn't get plowed until this afternoon. I left my 40-something-degree-indoors house and sought refuge at my aunt's nearby. There, I had the most glorious shower ever... since Friday.


Now, today was to be a fast day and I was fully prepared... until I had a near-fainting spell. You see, I get very hypo-glycemic and dizzy if I don't eat sometimes. The day started off well enough; it wasn't until around 3:30pm that I was stricken with this sudden bout of nausea, cold sweats, and shakiness. Honestly, I would have passed out within seconds had my aunt not recognized my symptoms and quickly given me a cup of orange juice to drink and raise my blood sugar. FAIL.

Life Saved|Fast Over.

I felt kinda bad, but I knew I had to eat, or risk a trip to the hospital, and in this bad weather with poor road conditions, I'd rather just eat the damn food. I didn't stop with orange juice though; every time I tried to stand up, I'd fall backwards. My aunt made with rice with Nigerian red stew. I also had a dinner roll and more orange juice.


This doesn't happen too often; like once every few weeks I'll feel this way after not eating. I've fasted before from sun-up to sun-down for 40 days and 40 nights before during Lent for years without much problem... I'm not a diabetic and my iron level are OK, I think... gotta get those checked. Note to self: add more spinach to smoothies
*le sigh*

I'm going to try again to fast tomorrow. I think I'll drink orange juice right before midnight so my blood sugar will stay up over night and hopefully throughout the day. I'm going to try for Monday and Tuesday. I think I'll keep a few sugar cubes with me just in case I get the shakes again... I'll be home (woo-hooo, SNOW DAY!!!) So I can stay in bed all day without moving around too much, expending too much energy. (Did you know you burn about 2000 calories a day doing NOTHING??? You can sleep all day like a hibernating bear and still lose weight!!)

Anyhoo... My weight was the same today as yesterday; a loss of 0.6kg. I'm looking forward to post the same (hopefully) or less (hey, I said "hopefully") by tomorrow.

Bring it on.

p.s. GO SAINTS!!!

p.p.s. I ♥ Reggie Bush!!!

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