Saturday, February 6, 2010

I have the POWER....

...Even though my house is without any.

snOMG. I'm •totally• snowed in!! It is still coming down hard, like 1-2" per hour. Ridiculous. The power went out last night •right• before I was about to post an entry. I can't access it properly on my phone, so I'll just post it later.

I haven't eaten yet today, partly because I've been in my bed. That's the Kendra Baskett (née Wilkinson from “The Girls Next Door”) diet. Sleep all day, miss all your meals and lose weight!!! I'm actually going to get up now because my back is starting to ache from all the lazin' around. I guess I'll start my orgo homework.

Its 2:15pm now. It'll be dark again in 3½ hours so I'll probably be back in bed by then...

TTYL!!! ♥

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